Patient Room – Patient Zone

Your comfort is the central focus of our patient rooms. You can control the lighting and window shades right from the bed. There are two large monitors on the wall. One for our interactive, on-demand TV service and the other so your caregivers can review details of your care with you.

One of the first things built for your room was the bathroom. In fact, it was built about 20 miles away in Fairfield, Ohio. Everything from the mirrors to the shower tile was in the pre-built bathroom, which was gently lifted into place before much of the building even had walls. All the workers had to do on-site was hook up the plumbing and electric (and hang the shower curtain).

patient monitor
Located in your room is your personal monitor that has your schedule for the day. Your monitor will display your medication plan. You’ll be able to know what time you can take certain medications, as well as when you are able to eat and drink. In addition, your monitor will include your physical therapy appointments. You will be put at ease knowing every step of your recovery when you are a patient at the Joint & Spine Center.