Patient Room

Each room has floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize both the stunning views and the flow of natural light deep into the core of the building. Studies have shown that patients exposed to higher-intensity sunlight levels perceive less pain and take less pain medication. Increased natural light exposure has also correlated to better management of stress and happiness levels, decreased patient length of stay and improved employee performance. This design feature earned international recognition in 2014 as one of the top 100 leading sustainability innovations by Scandinavian think tank SUSTAINIA.
The patient rooms are divided into three zones.
This is the Clinical Zone
Clinical Zone
The first portion of the room is the clinical zone. This is where your medications and room supplies are stored, as well as where caregivers will update your medical records. Concern for your rest and privacy are built into the design of the room. Supplies for the room can be restocked from the corridor through special access panels and slide-out bins.
Broll – footage of filling medications, nurse station, patient precaution monitor, hidden blinds for nurses
Patient Zone
Your comfort is the central focus of our patient rooms. You can control the lighting and window shades right from the bed. There are two large monitors on the wall. One for our interactive, on-demand TV service and the other so your caregivers can review details of your care with you.
One of the first things built for your room was the bathroom. In fact, it was built about 20 miles away in Fairfield, Ohio. Everything from the mirrors to the shower tile was in the pre-built bathroom, which was gently lifted into place before much of the building even had walls. All the workers had to do on-site was hook up the plumbing and electric (and hang the shower curtain).
Broll – footage of patient monitors, closets, USB port/power outlet, lighting/window shades controls
Family Zone
We know that having your family with you is important to the healing process. That’s why we included extra space in the room for your family and other guests to stay in the room with you. Each room features a pull out queen bed for your loved ones convenience. Our staff can help with accommodations for family to stay in the room with you overnight so you always have the comfort of having a loved one nearby.